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Fourways Cooling Services have a wealth of experience in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of commercial air conditioning systems - from specialised server room air conditioning, to multi-room/office setups, we can do it all!

In an office setting, we know how important maintaining a comfortable temperature is to ensure the productivity of your workforce. We'll work to your specifications to provide a tailor-made air conditioning system that works for you, both in terms of budget and efficiency.

Wall-mounted units

Wall mounted air conditioning units are often the first port of call for small or newly established businesses.

They offer the lowest upfront installation costs and are perfect for cooling or heating a single room.

We work with a number of the leading wall mounted air conditioning unit manufacturers, including Toshiba, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Foster and Norpe.

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Conveniently tucked away among the ceiling tiles, cassette air conditioning units are a great choice for small to medium sized businesses looking to cool a shared office space or similar setting.


With multi-directional vents, cassette units ensure consistent heating/cooling across the space, and being fit flush to the ceiling tiles, you'll likely forget it's there!


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CEILING MOUNTED 'underslung' units

An alternative to ceiling mounted cassette units, underslung air conditioning units are typically installed in buildings which do not have suspended ceilings.

They can be very powerful and are a great option for cooling hot rooms, such as kitchens and server rooms, and are also great at heating spaces with high ceilings - such as older, Victorian style buildings.

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VRF/VRV Systems

VRF or VRV systems are multi-room heating and cooling systems that work via heat pump technology.

There will be 1 or more external condenser units, which feed cooled or warmed air to multiple rooms via ducting.

VRF systems are the most cost effective air conditioning solution for medium or expanding businesses, due to the scaleable nature of the systems. You can add additional units to feed more rooms as required.

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